Caja del Seguro Social de PANAMA - CSS

Caja del Seguro Social of PANAMA has started the implementation of MANSIS as an Integrated Corporate Asset Management System. This implementation is part of an international tender in which MANSIS was selected among all the candidates as the Integrated Asset, Infrastructure and Maintenance Management System.

The Panamanian Social Security Fund covers approximately 70% of the country’s population, and in the first phase of this project MANSIS will be implemented in the following centres:

  • Hospital Rafael Estevez
  • Hospital Susana Jones Cano
  • Direction nacional de Presupuestos (Control of al vehicle fleet)

In a second phase, MANSIS will be implement on the rest of center that belong to Caja de Seguro Social. This project aims to optimize the maintenance mechanisms of the assets in its centres, in order to increase the level of service offered to citizens, to extend the life of state’s assets, to increase productivity and optimize the cost associated with these assets. Caja de Seguro Social is focus on improve its efficiency and reducing:

  • Times and costs that needs to realize the administrative issues
  • Removing the need to reconcile information between areas
  • Searching with this actions to organize resources towards the provision of services with the objective to have a more efficient administrative management.

MANSIS as a state-of- the-art Corporate Asset Management information System will support management, economic management team leaders, supervisors, etc, for  to make decision and will be responsible for the management of all assets such as clinical equipment, facilities, spaces, vehicles, telephony, technological equipment, etc.

This implementation will mean controlling all the activities carried out in all the centres of the Caja del Seguro Social related to:

  • Wealth and assets Management
  • Notification Management System from plant/services
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive, Technical, Legal, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance.
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers.
  • Shifts Management
  • Warehouse and purchases Management
  • Mobile Devices
  • Quality Management
  • Dashboard- Business Intelligence