The Complejo Hospitalario of León, a reference center in the Community of Castilla- León has chosen MANSIS Asset Management as ideal solution to computerize all the asset management from de Principal Hospital, and the rest of hospitals belonging to the complex.

From MANSIS Asset Management controls both the installations and electromedical equipment, as well as planning all the preventive and legal plans to be executed.

MANSIS Asset Management allows to the maintenance services through the shared process management, to control all the activities taking place in the hospitals:

icono list Asset management

icono list Alerts from plants/ services

icono list Work order Management

icono list Preventive and legal Maintenance

icono list Shift management

icono list Purchases

icono list Warehouse Management

icono list Quality Management

icono list Building Project Management

The implementation process has been an important achievement due to the magnitude of the existing equipment.

In this project, the migrations of existing databases have also been carried out.

Additionally, the warehouses of the Maintenance Service are controlled by MANSIS Asset Management and the PDA solution is implemented for the labelling of all the articles with barcodes.

All this means a very significant improvement in the daily work as well as an important cost saving in the control of the management, warehouses and external suppliers.