The implementation of MANSIS, as an integral management system for Assets, Maintenance, Patrimony and General Services, has begun in:

  • Complejo Hospitalario Universitario Reina Sofía de Córdoba.
  • Hospital Valle de los Pedroches de Pozoblanco y sus Centros de Atención Primaria.
  • Hospital Infanta Margarita de Cabra y sus Centros de Atención Primaría.
  • Centro Regional de Transfusiones Sanguíneas.
  • Centros de Atención Especializada y Primaria de lo Distritos Sanitarios de Córdoba y Guadalquivir.

The Reina Sofia Hospital Complex in Cordoba has a portfolio of services covering all specialised clinical areas. Its activity includes highly complex processes, as well as very important teaching and research work. Its organ transplant programme is a national leader. It consists of the Genera Hospital, an outpatient building, el Hospital Materno Infantil, el Hospital Provincial, Hospital los Morales, el Centro de Especialidades Carlos Castilla del Pino además de un Centro de Diálisis,  149,302 m2 and some 1,319 beds.


MANSIS will also be implemented in the Hospital Valle de los Pedroches, the hospital in the northern health area of Cordoba, and its specialised and primary care centres.

In the Southern Health Area, the training and implementation of MANSIS will be carried out in the Infanta Margarita Hospital in Cabra, which serves a population of 156,000 inhabitants with 258 beds, in addition to the specialised and primary care centres dependent on this area.

Implementation has also begun at the Blood Transfusion Centre and all the Specialised and Primary Care Centres in the Cordoba and Guadalquivir Health Districts.

This implementation will involve controlling all the activity to be carried out in these hospital areas in terms of:

  • Asset and Patrimony Management
  • Notifications from departments
  • Management of Work Orders – Corrective Maintenance
  • Conductive, Preventive and Technical-Legal Maintenance
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers
  • Purchasing and Warehouse
  • Internal quality
  • Control of Works by Departments and Faculties
  • Scorecard
  • Integration with SAAS Purchasing System – Siglo