The containers Terminal of Puerto de Vigo- TERMAVI- betting on MANSIS Asset Management as an ideal solution to computerize the entire asset management of the company.

Also, MANSIS Asset Management can control all administrative management. The

  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive and Legal Maintenance.
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers.
  • Warehouse and purchases Management
  • Quality Management
  • Building Project Management
  • Human Resources and Shifts Management
  • Port Activity Control
  • Workshop Management
  • Invoicing ( in all areas: Containers, Workshops, Cold, BIP, etc
  • BIP (Border Inspection Post) Management

The CMMS implementation process has been a major milestone due to the magnitude of the modules to be implemented.

The control of invoicing in a fully automated way has led to significant improvements in the management of the company.

All of this has resulted in a significant improvement in daily work, as well as significant cost savings in the control of management, warehousing and external contractors.