Year 2011

Customer: South Galicia University Campus (CUVI).

Sector: Education
Country: Spain.

In 2011, the Management Direction of the South Galicia University Campus (CUVI) decided to implement a Corporate Asset Management System and appointed MANSIS as the integral solution that would help optimizing the operation of this university.

CUVI consists of a total of 13 faculties distributed in 3 different geographical areas.

MANSIS manages the 13 faculty buildings, as well as the different laboratories and research centers.

  • Project kick-off: March 2011
  • Duration: 10 months (implementation)
  • General objective of the contract: Implementing a one-site software solution that allows integrated monitoring and management of assets and facilities, located in any of the three campuses Vigo, Orense and Pontevedra.

Specific objectives of the contract:

  • Identification and inventorying of all the assets owned by the organization
  • Investment planning
  • Reduction of equipment-related costs
  • Reduction of external services-related costs (contract management)
  • Reduction warehouse and stock-realated costs.
  • Improving the quality of services delivered to the university users.

For this purpose, MANSIS provided the following functionalities:

Asset Management

Request/needs management per service

Work Order Management (WO) – Corrective Maintenance

Conductive, Preventive and Compliance Maintenance

External services management (contract management)

Power management

Quality control


Besides implementing our MANSIS solutions, our team carried out advisory and consultancy tasks for inventorying and codification of fixed systems. Our team also developed and created in MANSIS the necessary maintenance protocols and itineraries to make sure all facilities are available.

The CUVI complex consists of:

  • 3 cities
  • 13 university faculties
  • 62 buildings
  • 530 laboratories
  • Administrative and management buildings