The implementation of MANSIS as hospital maintenance software will cover: Hospital  Virgen de las Nieves in Granada, Nuevo Campus de la Salud in Granada,  Hospital De Baza and dependent Health Centres.

MANSIS will carry out the integrated management of assets, maintenance, patrimony and general services in the Granada Health Area.

The Granada Health Area will have around 1,700 hospital beds, which will be distributed among all the hospitals included in this Health Area. The Virgen de las nieves hospital serves a population of more than 430,000 people and more than 900,000 patients per year.

The Hospital del Campus de la Salud with an area of 160,000 m2, 600 beds distributed in 360 rooms and the Hospital de Baza with 166 beds, also has the support of dependent health centres that are included in this project.

software de mantenimiento hospitalario

The implementation of MANSIS as hospital maintenance software began at the beginning of 2015, establishing the competencies of those responsible for the health institutions in order to train them and be able to obtain the benefits of a CMMS- Asset Management such as MANSIS.

This implementation will mean, through the management of shared MANSIS processes, controlling all the activity carried out in the hospital in terms of:

  • Asset Management
  • Notifications from departments
  • Management of Work Orders – Corrective Maintenance
  • Conductive, Preventive and Technical-Legal Maintenance
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers
  • Purchasing and Warehouse
  • Internal quality
  • Control of Works by Departments and Faculties
  • Scorecard
  • Integration with SAAS Purchasing System – Siglo