October 2011:

MEGA Sistemas has started the implementation of the latest version of MANSIS (Hospital version) making the necessary parameterizations for the integration of MANSIS with the different applications belonging to each of the suppliers that will provide services in the new Burgos Hospital.

MANSIS will be the heart of the Logistics and Infrastructure Management System of the Hospital, and the information will be sent to it by the different systems of each general service, as well as being directly in charge of all the Infrastructure Management.

MANSIS will be integrated, receiving and sending information to, among others:

  • Intermediate Stores
  • Restoration
  • Waste
  • Sterilization
  • Laundry
  • Surveillance
  • SACYL Computer Applications, ….

This implementation will mean, through the management of shared MANSIS processes, controlling all the activity carried out in Logistics, Infrastructures and Maintenance regarding:

  • Asset and Patrimony Management
  • Notifications Management System from plant/services
  • Management of work orders – Corrective maintenance
  • Conductive, Preventive and Technical-Legal Maintenance
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers
  • Shift Management
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse
  • Internal Quality
  • Works Control
  • Control Panel

The new Burgos Hospital has an area of 264,505 square meters. As a summary of its infrastructure, it has 744 beds, 41 percent of which are single rooms, 172 outpatient consultations, 40 emergency examination rooms and 32 observation posts. For pediatric emergencies it has its own room and 7 boxes, while the surgical block consists of 24 operating rooms, of which 16 will be for scheduled surgery, two for emergencies and six for major outpatient surgery, with a post-surgical resuscitation unit (REA), equipped with 36 beds.