The new Hospital de Burgos, with a surface area of 264,505 square meters, is one of the largest hospitals in Castilla y León. It has 744 beds, 172 outpatient consultations, 40 emergency examination rooms and 32 observation posts; for pediatric emergencies it has its own room and 7 boxes, 24 operating rooms, of which 16 will be for scheduled surgery, two for emergencies and six for major outpatient surgery, with a post-surgical resuscitation unit, equipped with 36 beds.

MANSIS is the heart of the Hospital’s Logistics and Infrastructure management system, and it is used by the different systems of each general service, as well as being directly responsible for all the Infrastructure Management.

MANSIS, expands its scope in the Hospital de Burgos, launching its new module of Request Management in Plant to Warehouse that will manage and control the plant warehouses, which will allow a total control over the needs of clinical and sanitary material.

MANSIS, in its hospital version, has a new Medical Supplies Requisitioning Module that will manage the requests made by the different hospital functional groups. It will also have a Surgical Material Request Module, anticipating the needs before each intervention.

This extension with MANSIS will mean total control of the management of articles in the plant and will have advantages such as:

  • Reduction of stock breakage
  • Reduction of shrinkage
  • Improved service delivery