The solutions msAsset, msFacilities, msLogis and Communication are designed for a globalised world. The best tools, those that offer solutions adapted to the needs and problems of each company efficiently, independently and quickly, are the ones that cross borders.

Our presence in Mexico, where we already have our own delegation, has been strengthened over the years and now we are already participating in the most relevant projects in the country.

During these months, part of our team will implement MANSIS in the Tlahuac project, which is located in the southeast of the Mexican capital, will work on the project of the new hospital in the region for the ISSSTE. The 33,480 square metre hospital will serve more than 1.2 million people in the south of the Mexican capital with 250 beds and 36 consulting rooms.

In addition to asset management, MANSIS will be the software that will manage the Centro de Atención a Usuarios (CAU), the channel through which all requests for user incidents will be directed and the work of all the services that provide service to the different specialties of the new centre will be organised.

MANSIS will also be in charge of managing the hospital concession from the point of view of the control of the App contract between ISSSTE and the Concessionary Company (control of penalties, response times, availability, …).

No doubt, a new challenge that we take on with great enthusiasm, and of course with the professionalism and responsibility that characterizes us.