In a plot 350,888 meters, which cross a large avenue along which are located the buildings that will house the different hospital services, the one that is already beginning to be known as “The largest hospital in Europe” is being built.

The hospital complex will have 1,142 beds and 368 consultation rooms, 97 examination rooms, 120 day hospital stations, 42 emergency observation stations and 65 treatment stations and examination boxes. In order to manage and optimise this infrastructure, it is necessary to have the best solutions offered by new technologies.

The solvency and reliability of our management software msFacilities(MANSIS), already proven in other hospital complexes in recent years, has been decisive to be chosen for the purpose of managing all non-clinical services of the New Toledo Hospital and the other seven that make up the complex.


Thanks to its adaptability and parameterisation, msFacilities(MANSIS)can be adapted to the specific needs of each health centre, which is essential when implementing management software that covers the specific needs of each centre. In the case of the Complejo Sanitario de Toledo, these characteristics have been decisive for MANSIS to be the chosen management software.