Monitoring of the Integrated Corporate Asset Management System Project, provided by the MEGA Sistemas/Cable & Wireless consortium, implemented with the CMMS Mansis.

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The Social Security Fund informs on its website about the evolutionary support provided by the consortium MEGA Sistemas / Cable & Wireless with the Integrated Corporate Asset Management System Project, initiated in 2012.

MANSIS maintains a strict control of corporate assets, specifying their purchase date, location, preventive maintenance periodicity and expiry of the asset, automatically generating the service order for maintenance or replacement at the end of their useful life, which will benefit the insured parties who will have the equipment at their disposal in optimal operation.

MEGA Sistemas organised a seminar for the MANSIS users of the Susana Jones Cano hospital, with the purpose of implementing the module for the management of the hospital’s vehicle fleet. Lissette Vásquez, as representative of MEGA Sistemas explained the functioning and benefits of the automated management of the hospital’s fleet, particularly in the use of vehicle reservation. “This reinforces the implementation of the users.” As quoted in the CSS news item. link to the news item

With this action, the Susana Jones hospital is being monitored as one of the model hospitals of the MANSIS system to ensure that it continues to function excellently, thus demonstrating the properties of this system that was implemented in this hospital of second level of complexity.

This implementation will mean, through the shared MANSIS process management, to control all the activity carried out in the hospital in terms of:

  • Property and Asset Management
  • Notifications from departments
  • Management of Ots – Corrective Maintenance
  • Conductive, Preventive and Technical-Legal Maintenance
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers
  • Purchasing and Warehouse
  • Internal quality
  • Control of Works by Departments and Faculties
  • Control Panel