msAsset Integrated Management of Assets CMMS/ EAM

msAsset is a comprehensive asset management tool designed and developed under an operational and functional perspective focused on covering the specific needs of any organization.

This tool has been developed by professionals with extensive experience in the design of business solutions, based on an exhaustive diagnosis of market needs, and in close collaboration with maintenance service professionals and experts from different sectors.

Manis is a CMMS solution that reunites all MANSIS tools under the same interface, allowing users to choose whether they want to use a module, or the whole solution.

mAsset incorporates best practices in asset, resource and staff management. Now you can optimize your assets’ performance and maximize your return on investment.


MANSIS Asset Management

Instead of a standardized solution, the MANSIS team has chosen to offer a customizable software that adapts to specific needs of each client.

Hospital Version

Improving asset efficiency is key for any health care provider, whether public or private, small or large.

Industry Version

Day after day, more and more companies choose to implement CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) solutions to optimize the operation of their assets, so that they become a source of efficiency for companies rather than cost generators.

Government institutions version

Government institutions are gradually moving from being mere administrative and management bodies to being intelligent organizations, that make the most of the information they store.

Key Advantages

MANSIS Asset Management will allow you to:

  • Manage physical assets throughout their whole life-cycle, from purchase to decommissioning
  • Follow-up assets performance and maintenance processes in real time.
  • Increase assets productivity and reduce costs through and efficient management of each service.
  • Improve efficiency through an integrated project management tool and centralized information.
  • Optimize investment by controlling procurement and acquisitions.
  • Exhaustive control of contracts with external suppliers and follow-up of service compliance.
  • Improve financial reports and analysis by capturing all service, maintenance and repair revenues.
  • Increasing production through improved procurement practices and superior maintenance management.


When implementing MANSIS Asset management, MEGA provides services such as:

  • Technological audit of the services related to infrastructure management for the identification of specific needs.
  • Adaptations of MANSIS to the infrastructure and services.
  • Connection and integration with existing corporate software.
  • Design of the service workflow in MANSIS.
  • On-site support and follow-up after project launching.


  • Asset Management.
  • Alarm management.
  • Procurement Management.
  • Warehouse Management
  • File Management.
  • Quality Control.
  • Power Control.
  • Construction Project Management.
  • Vehicle Fleet Management.
  • Human Resources Management: Shifts and Presence Control.
  • Room reservation management.
  • Project Management.
  • Service Level Control Indicators, SLA’s KPI’s.
  • Incidences and Service Requests Management (User Support/Call Centre).
  • Contract and External Suppliers Management.
  • Protocols and Activity Itineraries Management.
  • Preventive, Statutory, Predictive, Corrective and Maintenance Management.
  • Work Order Management.
  • Mobile Devices: WEB and APP.
  • Scorecard-Business-Intelligence.
  • File Management and georeferencing.
  • Integration with SCADAS/BMS and Equipment.