msFacilities Facility and General Services and Concessionaires management (PPP)

msFacilities is a tool for the integrated management of the services of any organization and the control of their compliance. Like all other MANSIS products, it is also designed and developed under a modular perspective, in order to cover the specific needs of businesses in any sector.

msFacilities is developed to a platform that integrates all the services linked linked to your organization. Furthermore, it will also become the perfect Scorecard for the analysis and tracking of every process and activity.

msFacilities is integrated in the same interface as all other MANSIS modules, such as the CMMS, allowing efficient management of any support services, contracts, suppliers, communication systems, cleaning services, waste management services, work facilities, all in the same platform. This tool allows total control of external services contracts and follow-up of performance indicators included in SLAs (Service Level Agreement).

The Facility and General Services Management module allows close follow-up of the following key aspects:

  • What must be done?
  • Who must do it?
  • When must it be done?
  • How must it be done?

Key advantages

  • Availability of reliable and updated information.
  • Management and traceability of external services
  • You have reliable and up-to-date information.
  • Optimizing contracts with external suppliers.
  • Continuous traceability of external services and suppliers’ compliance levels.
  • Cost control.
  • Response times and quality control.
  • Control of human resources related to the facility operation.


When implementing msFacilities, MEGA provides services such as:

  • Technological audit of the services related to infrastructure management for the identification of specific needs.
  • Adaptations of msFacilities to the infrastructure service.
  • Connection and integration with existing corporate software.
  • Design of the service workflow in msFacilities.


Facility/General Services Management

  • Supplier management.
  • Service request management.
  • Service request management.
  • Alarm management.
  • Service Level Control Indicators, SLA’s, KPI’s.
  • Gas Systems Management.
  • Access Control.
  • Locker Control.
  • Logistics Management.
  • Consignment control.
  • Clothing and Key Control.
  • Delivery Management: Lingerie, Replacements, ….
  • Staff meals


  • External services management protocols.
  • Programmed activity protocols.
  • Monitoring protocols for daily scheduled activity.
  • Daily performance reporting protocols.


  • Business Intelligence Module – Scorecard.
  • Integration with existing Corporate Systems.

Mobile devices

  • Web module and App.

Human resources management

  • Shifts.
  • Presence Control.

Incident management

  • Incident monitoring.
  • Monitoring of ongoing tasks.
  • Cost control per activity.
  • Activity logs management, etc.

Quality control

  • Response times control.
  • User access management.
  • Master accounts management.
  • Survey management.