msLogis Logistics and Supply Chain Management - WMS

msLogis is a MANSIS tool for financial control and logistics planning. msLogis is also designed under a modular perspective, hence integrated in the same interface with all other MANSIS tools.

msLogis is aimed at managing the logistics and supply chain of any business, integrating the control of all the elements that intervene in this process.

This tool comprises 6 areas:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • File management
  • WMS
  • Business inteligence
  • Online reporting

Advantages of msLogis:

  • Compatible with any operating system, any browser and any device.
  • Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-warehouse
  • Integrated and accessible information: SINGLE DATA.
  • Multiple user profiles and unlimited number of users.
  • Adaptation and integration with other tools.
  • Profit optimization by reducing costs and logistics errors:

– Activity planning and monitoring.
– Overall financial control of the logistics process.

  • BPM, allows an easy planning, visualization and modification of business processes:

-Overall traceability of all operations
-Facilitates the design of business strategies


Stock Management:

  • Barcode-based stock management.
  • Automated management of outbound/inbound stock.
  • Isolated items and compound items matching.
  • Stock catalogue structured by group/sub-group/family.

Warehouse Management:

  • Centralized management of several warehouses.
  • Automated management of delivery routes.
  • Management of stock loans between several warehouses.
  • Integration with automated warehouses: Carousel, Kanban systems, RFID panels…

Purchases Management:

  • Automated orders to suppliers.
  • Automatic validation of supplier invoices.
  • Purchase records per supplier.
  • Multiple ordering procedures: direct, exclusive…
  • Payment management…

Sales Management:

  • Registration and management of returns and incidents.
  • Automated delivery notes.
  • Automatic invoicing per supplier.
  • Automated management of deliveries, receipts and returns.
  • Payment collection management.

Fare Lists Management:

  • Historical control of all fares.
  • Independent price lists, both for purchases and sales.
  • Automated reading and control of price catalogues.
  • Reports and statistics on price and margins evolution …

Sales representatives management:

  • Traceability per sales representative.
  • Monitoring of client portfolio per sales representative.
  • Monitoring of commercial itineraries per sales representative.
  • Automated management of sales representative’s expenses and allowances.
  • Automatic calculation of commissions and bonuses.