MANSIS continues to provide its services

Giovanni Giardina-Director Mansis (Mega Sistemas):

“Due to the current situation that we are living not only in Spain but all over the world, from Mega Sistemas we keep active our commitment with our clients and with our projects. The MANSISteam continues to provide its services both in the programming department and in the implementation and technical support department.

Following the guidelines set at institutional level, and taking the necessary security measures, we have reduced as much as possible, contacts and assistance, all without affecting the basic and essential support for the assurance of our service.

Our service is a priority for the operation of many organisations, including hospitals and airports, as Mansis supports the management of infrastructure, logistics and general services.

We would like to congratulate and applaud all professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, public and private, who work tirelessly every day to serve citizens in hospitals, clinics and health centres, as well as all those who make up the logistics chain that ensures supply.

The joint effort is always more bearable”.