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MEGA Sistemas presents the 2010 version of MANSIS in the VIII Conference on Innovation in General Hospital Services held in Ourense and organised by the Hospital Forum.

MEGA Sistemas presents in the VIII Conference of Innovation in General Hospital Services held in the city of Ourense, the 2010 version of MANSIS – Integral Management System of Hospital Assets, Infrastructures and Maintenance.

During the 3 days of this conference, important presentations were given by Management Directors, Deputy Directors, Heads of the different units of the general services, …… We have been able to see the growing concern on the part of all those responsible for managing the resources available in the hospitals better every day.

MEGA Sistemas keeps MANSIS within the Hospital sector as a priority line of development, always looking for continuous improvement and involving health management professionals as its best allies when it comes to contributing new ideas to improve efficiency in hospital management. The latest version was exhibited at a stand, with a large number of attendees and demonstrations.