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Radio interview with our Managing Director Giovanni Giardina as President of INEO


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During this interview, among other topics, we discussed how 2016 went and INEO’s lines of action for 2017, among which we highlight:

Transfer, Internationalisation and Employability

INEO will prioritise three strategic lines in 2017: the promotion of job placement, training and employability in the ICT sector; the internationalisation of Galician technology companies and the support to the rest of the sectors in their technology adoption strategy. In this sense, in its extraordinary general assembly, INEO’s members ratified the change of headquarters to the facilities of the Pontevedra Business Confederation, where it will be closer to the business associations of other sectors that are potential users of technology in their production processes.

Internationalisation will also be another of INEO’s priorities this year. It is already working on two missions to promote the internationalisation of Galician ICT companies. These are a direct mission to Singapore and Malaysia, with CDTI funding, and a reverse mission to Latin America and Southeast Asia with ICEX funding.

INEO will also continue to strengthen ties with Galician talent abroad through the Programme, which invites Galician professionals working in international technology companies to present the business and collaboration opportunities available to INEO members in their companies or where they have their headquarters.

In addition, INEO will soon start the implementation of a project to promote the internationalisation of Galician companies in Latin America, ECICII Plus, in which IGAPE, CEP, CEO and Portuguese business organisations also participate, where INEO will focus on the positioning of companies in international tenders financed with multilateral funds.

Interview in the newspaper Expansión Giovanni Giardina  Giovanni Giardina, Click here to view