Hospital engineering is one of the activities that has evolved and advanced the most in recent times. Both digitalisation and the unstoppable advance of technology oblige and motivate us to continue working on the challenges posed by the organisation of healthcare centres, seeking new and better solutions.

From 23rd to 25th October, the IV LATAMSALUD CONGRESS will be held in Mexico, a meeting where the heads of the Health Sector of Mexico, Peru, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, among other participating countries, will present the Hospital Infrastructure Plan of their respective countries for the coming years to the most active and innovative companies in the sector.

MEGA Sistemas, with its software MANSIS, will actively participate, as Technology is increasingly perceived as an essential element in Hospital Management.

MANSIS, from its position as leader as integral Management Software of the Services for the Hospital Centres, covers, from the management of all the support services to the clinical management (grey coat), to the control of the SLA’S of each contract with each supplier, apart from being leader as management software of the hospital concessions: apps, pps.