MEGA Sistemas is recognised for its innovation and continuous improvement according to the EFQM model of quality and excellence, achieving the 400+ certification, one of the highest within this management model.

excelencia 400+The European Foundation for Quality Management. EFQ, has more than 500 members in more than 55 countries.
countries. This foundation defines the EFQM model of Quality and Excellence as a way for self-assessment and determination of continuous improvement processes in both private and public business environments.

Since the 1980s, this organisation has been working to promote this model and it has now become a reference for many public and private companies in the different member countries of the European Union.

The award is based on the criteria of the Business Excellence model, of which MEGA Sistemas has been awarded for its excellent management of the concepts that make up this model, which are the following:calidad y excelencia

  • Orientation towards results
  • Orientation towards the client
  • Leadership and coherence
  • Management by processes and facts
  • Development of alliances
  • Social Responsibility of the organisation

MEGA Sistemas is a company oriented to the continuous improvement of its products and the service provided to our customers. We are committed to our mission to provide innovative products that add value to our customers and to the business society.

Our work philosophy is to maintain the relationship with our customers, that is why once they have purchased our services and/or products we become technology partners. This allows us to provide a better service to our customers and to make sure that our product has been implemented in the right way.