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The magazine Más Salud, highlights an article related to MANSIS and its implementation as part of the Integrated Corporate Asset Management System Project for the Panamanian Social Security Fund, which is being implemented in the current administration.

The new computer platform, called MANSIS, will maintain strict control of corporate assets, specifying their purchase date, location, preventive maintenance periodicity and expiry date of the asset, automatically generating the service order for maintenance or replacement at the end of their useful life, which will benefit policyholders who will have the equipment at their disposal in optimal working order.  MANSIS will control the assets of each department, the service request process, the work order process, the management of warehouses, the costing of work orders and equipment, as well as the history of interventions, according to the magazine.

This implementation will mean, through the management of shared MANSIS processes, controlling all the activity carried out in the hospital in terms of:

  • Asset and Patrimony Management
  • Notifications from departments
  • Management of Ots – Corrective Maintenance
  • Conductive, Preventive and Technical-Legal Maintenance
  • Management of contracts with external suppliers
  • Purchasing and Warehouse
  • Internal quality
  • Control of Works by Departments and Faculties
  • Balanced Scorecard